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Welcome to Senior Partners - a good idea that works

Senior Partners is a group of experts. People with experience, knowledge, understanding, connections and strategic talents. Their expertise is in strategic planning followed through by the effective implementation of those plans. This implementation is operated through a network of expert practitioners operating as Senior Solutions. Senior Partners are marketing professionals to their fingertips. They believe passionately in the power of the market and have the experience and knowledge to understand what the market requires. Thus they are able to position brands, services and new products effectively - and cost-effectively.

Market focus. These are the skills Senior Partners can bring to bear on your behalf. “Fish where the fish are...and use the right fly”. This sums up the Senior Partners philosophy. Know the market, understand the market, give the market what it wants.

Senior Partners is the strategic powerhouse at the heart of the Senior Solutions network. In all sectors of sales and marketing campaign implementation for hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses, Senior Partners has the expertise.

Making good ideas actually work is our business